Please Note:  Aside from Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Details which may reveal anyone’s identity have either been removed or changed.

My father is extremely amazed how Shloimy came home!!!!! What a difference from last bein hazmanim and now. Firstly the relationships between Shloimy and parents is much warmer! The usual tension that was typically between them is no longer there. Shloimy is calmer relaxed in great moods and feels so comfortable with himself and between others!

My fathers is sending you a special thanks you for bringing him all nachas and has a tremendous hakaras hatov for all what you have done with Shloimy and should you be able to have the koach to continue doing…….

Our oneg yom tov is all because  your devotion to our family

Thanks again

-Shimon L.

Today I had an emes talk with him and I feel so clean afterwards BH.

I just had the best Shabbos in as long as I can remember….the Emes talks…just makes you feel so free.

Thanks to Reb Yomtov for making my life a better one BH.

-Mordechai P.

Thank you for inventing and leading this amazing seminar,  I have been through some nice amount of personal growth programs, and I cannot remember digging in so quick and so deep ever, so…a BIG THANK YOU.

-Jason L.

Shalom Rabbi! Freilechen Channukah. I just want to thank you for all that you have shared with our group. Since the seminar I have lost 20 lbs. The seminar itself jump started my new eating schedule. We would sit for hours in the class, and I wouldn’t start snacking or eat when I came home late. I didn’t eat late in the night and I became in tune with my digestion cycle. After a while it became a true habit, and on Shabbos evening I eat purely out of l’kovod Shabbos, not out of hunger. When you said to use self talk, such as “is this an I love you food or I hate you food” I really took it to heart… and even a step further, instead of a non thinking day, it was a non eating time. I used to overeat at night on healthy things and it was emotionally driven based. Now I am in control and in tune with how I am feeling, and I don’t eat during the times when I feel fears or INB coming up for me… usually that time is at night for me (when I’m too tired). I no longer try to quiet the anxiety by numbing it with snacks. I’m finally back at my ideal shape, 4 years later and post children. I feel amazing and happy. My husband couldn’t believe how long the ice cream I bought 3 months ago has been sitting in the freezer! The best part is it’s not a challenge, it’s a true service to the body Hashem has given me. So I just wanted to share my victory, thank you so much!


Gut Voch,

I am Binyamin’s wife that was by your shiur today. I wanted to come over to you and really thank you from the bottom of my heart but I had to run out.

There are no words to describe the transformation. My husband was the classical case of living his story. He was always a responsible man who did what he had to but he was always down. Every place he went every simcha or job always reminded him of his unworthiness. He is so gifted bli ayin hora and so smart but never even gave himself any kind of appreciation. He did not know how to connect to anyone. Yes, he was there for all of us but always had this barrier of how he failed in his life and just couldn’t get past it. Going to simchos with him was torturous he would just sit and glump and after it would take weeks till he got to himself somehow. I was always beside myself and always had to think of tactics on how to make him get out of it. We tried medication, therapy etc but he was a tough case to crack.

By Shabbos Keiravtuni my husband went to your workshop and came out of it so excited. He was sure that this is what he had to do!! I was skeptical because what can a little seminar do to a life time of living this way?? but he was determined. This seminar was very hard for him to attend but he had strength that he never knew he had!

From the first day I saw the difference! He connected to me so closely I feel like we are young love birds who just discovered each other. He sees himself suddenly as an out going happy person. He loves himself and therefore loving us all. He had the emes talk with me and I am so excited. I am suddenly looking forward to him coming home and talking to me and spending time with me when in the past it was hard cuz all we saw was a man who was successful but so miserable. I am looking forward to the other emes talks he wants to do like my son etc.

I know you said today that maybe he is on a seminar high but I think my husband will follow through with this. We had some hard times in our lives but we are learning to get past it.

Thank you again for giving me a husband and a father to my kids!!

If you want to read this to an audience you can obviously anonimously.

If you don’t mind I will probably write you more thank you letters as we continue on this journey.

With much appreciation,

Mrs. G.

I’m a proud graduate of The Possible You seminar and would like to leave some feedback.

I was the typical person that would call myself pretty much on the right track in life: I was connected to Hashem via my yiddishkeit, davening and learning.  I had a family and was fulfilling my tafkid. When I heard about this seminar I was very skeptical because I thought what more can this do for me as my life was in good working order.  Yet, for some reason (and I thank Hashem till today that he put me there,) I went.

In the beginning I sat and listened and just felt that this is more for people that have issues in their life or some troublesome childhood.  I did not see what connection it has to me.  After completing the seminar, what I can tell you is that it is not something that can be explained.

By sitting and listening and letting in all that I’ve heard, it slowly, slowly opened a valve and since then I’ve had continuous growth till today.  I’m so excited and look forward to each day to see what is in store for me today.  My life has totally changed.  It has changed my perspective and relationship with myself, my wife and kids and more than anything, my relationship with Hashem!

I thank Hashem for that and hope he continues to show me the way like he did till now!

thank you  thank you thank you!

-Shlomo R.

Dear Reb YomTov,

I want to thank you for the boost that I feel The Possible You provided my son. I have seen in him a much greater willingness to think deeply about things, and much more honesty in confronting himself. I think he attended more shmuessen this zman at Chevron than in the previous four years combined.  I keep telling him that I’m expecting a breakthrough year, And I really do.  Without question the program was the impetus to this new seriousness.

Thank you and Gmar Chasima Tova,

-Shmuel A.

I thoroughly enjoyed Reb Yom Tov’s enlightening seminar. The ideas and exercises in this comprehensive workshop combine to enable those attending to live up to their potential.  I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who truly wishes to develop themselves to attend.

-Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Good Evening….

I just wanted to take this time to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for leading the seminar and allowing me to participate.  Since the Possible You, I have been lighter, happier, and have been continuing the work towards loving myself.  I have built stronger relationships with my family and friends…  I have let go of much anger, sadness, self-“pitty” and replaced it with love and joy.  I attribute this to the guidance, wisdom, and love received from you both, as well as the other women who were in our seminar…

All of my love,

-Shira M.

Dear Rabbi Glazer

What an amazing, amazing experience the Possible You was.  I would like to share with you what I have noticed about myself since the Seminar.  one of my stronger inner negative belief had been that my voice is invalid. (my input to others)

The source was my mother – although I always felt loved when it came to expressing any thoughts or opinions on things she would wave her hand and convey – ah what do you know- or you don’t know any better. As I was older when the family (my father, my older brother, my mother) would talk about business (we owned …….. in Manhattan) If I tried to ask about it – I was told we are taking business- non of your concern etc.

Impact of this has been a constant – constant mode of second guessing everything I say.  I call many friends to gather many opinions for any decisions or course of actions needed  Once a decision is made I can do the same phone calls to go over if it really was the right choice.

My Position at work is Managerial/Executive Assistant – any job I had I was always at the top working for the owners. (perhaps part of my survival skill was having a strong work ethic)

Here’s the thing even being in the position I am in – the administrative part of it is fine it’s book keeping/spread sheets emails etc. But the Managerial part is more about customer service reps coming to me with questions on how to handle situations, and Verifying orders to determine if the are fraud or not. I know everything there is to know about how to do this but my answers have always been sooo wishy washy “well i think this but what do you think? I think this but maybe ask someone else to confirm…..

Immediately after the seminar I noticed my attitude had changed. The same types of questions came to me and my answers were definitive, direct…no second opinions. I have even gotten a few apologies from customer service reps in which they were not adhering to certain policies we have and I had to let them know (things i had repeated to them many times before).

Best Regards!

Rachel D.

the following testimonial is from someone who did not have a breakthrough during the seminar:Thank you!!!! I can’t believe it’s over I miss u and everyone like crazy.  I can actually sit for another week in a room for 5 hours listening to you!! 😊 this was no doubt the greatest experience of my life!!!!!! No words will be enough to thank you!!!
-Sam D.

Hi Rabbi,
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this seminar…  Hashem brings us to this world to fix ourselves. Know what you have to fix? That’s great! But what now? They say, self awareness is 70% of the work. The possible you seminar not only gave me insights into myself that I never knew existed but in addition, gave me tangible tools to fulfill my purpose in this world. I believe the greatest tool we are given, is our mind, and without the possible you I would not be able to utilize my mind to its full potential. My everyday interactions have become more real, more experiential. My close relationships have improved and I feel that I am comfortable simply being me. My gratitude for the possible you seminar cannot be put into words. I hope every single person in this world has the opportunity to be a part of this transformative experience because it is truly priceless.
-Sarah G.

Hi Rabbi Glaser,

I’m just coming from the follow up meeting from our seminar and just wanted to reach out and say thank you for introducing me to the possible me and connecting me to all these wonderful people so together we can help each other grow.

I found The Possible You to be an amazingly transforming experience and working on internalizing and practicing the tools which is really one of the most unique factors of this seminar – the longevity of it.

Thank you again and you should consider doing a refresher course for seminar graduates…



I would like to share my experience, the NEW Reuven G.,
Before i participated in The Possible You every simchah i needed to attend was a burden.  Every dvaar Torah at the Shabbos table was a burden…but that’s all in the past.
I just went to a simcha where I spoke to almost to everybody there and gave the baal simcha not just mazel tov, but added compliments and spoke to him at length, and all with a big smile.
My davening has changed, my kiddush had changed ,my dvaar torah at the shaboss table has changed.  I feel like a husband, father, brother, friend, B”H.
-Reuven G.


This past week when The Possible You ended, my seminar began. I took all the tools that we’ve learned and all my possibilities came to life. I’ve had many successful emes talks with various friends, and some family members. I feel my biggest accomplishment was the emes talk I had with one of my good friends. It was a good relationship to start with but now that we’ve had that talk I feel like it’s made our friendship only greater and stronger. My life has really been impacted from this experience and it’s because of every single one of you. Thank you all for helping me break down my wall and letting my endless possibilities be free!


One of the things that I felt slowly disappearing as I got older was “Hope”. Hope for the world, hope for myself, hope for the sake of hope. Baruch Hashem, Hashem sent me to this beautiful seminar full of beautiful teachings and people, and he gave me back my Hope. He rekindled the flame which is getting stronger everyday.

-Yair S.

I have some great positive feedback on my Husband and myself!! My Husband started passing the fitness tests since he took seminar!! And when I have a low moment I have the right tools to get over it!! I have a sales business which it’s Helping me a lot bh!! I’m not scared to approach pple!! And most of all from being I went from being negative and Depressed and trying to please the world to a Happy Free love able woman which that’s makes true a happy Hime bh!! Only Hashem can repay U for everything U did!!! And u shld have the koach to continue helping others!!!

-Leah T.

“The seminar coaches were so committed to the group, they phoned me nearly every day ensuring that I had got what I need out the previous nights’ classes”

“The seminar week was one of the best weeks of my life, i’ve discovered true self-confidence”

“After this week, I truly am committed to being a better husband and father”

“The Possible You re-ignited my marriage”

“I broke through my blocks in learning”

“The Possible You Seminar enabled me to take responsibility for my life”

“The Possible You helped me with relationships whether with my wife, children or chevrusa’s”

“I now eat right and am healthy”

“The Possible You literally gave me the tools to start dating for the right reasons”

“I’ve created financial abundance for my whole family”

“The seminar helped me get past things from when I was a child”

I always had a hard time connecting to hashem I never felt hashem wanted my prayers bec I was so low and kept letting hashem down by doing terrible stuff.   but since this seminar I have Bh started connecting more and just tonight I took out my art scroll siddur that I haven’t touched since I got married to read thru the first two Brochas in bircas hamazon which was amazing to finally understand it. As I was putting it back I found r glaser pamphlet which I have been searching for since I got it and stashed away.  Usually I would just say it’s coincidence but no not this time.. This is hashem all over.  He is watching me he loves me and he is proud of me.   Baruch HaShem

i would like to give you feedback on your preview class of living inspired.

it was truly awesome.

i am still driving on the fuel it gave me, all this time!

I am really thankful to you for that class!

the little details that bothered me from TPY where amazingly filled in!
ie: the lack of mention of H’! thank you! i really missed him by my TPY classes.  The emphasis on letting go of that past story. it’s over! now became even more wow to me ever since because after all…. i aint got no time for anything that is not happening now!
thanx again.
may all your projects be blessed.

The seminar has been life changing for me in the way that I now view myself and others. For so long I’ve been searching for better ways to develop myself. We all go through things that shape and develop our attitudes and I have been aware for a long time that my attitudes needed to change. I’ve been analyzing the ‘Why’s’ but the answers never seemed to inflict the change I so desperately desired. Now I own real tools, and step by step methods that I can use to work toward a solid sense of wholeness, inner peace, and self-love. With this newfound love I can now love others more and more readily. I’m finally hopeful that I could really be the possibility I always dreamed of for myself. Ambiguity has dissipated into trusting myself, time and the journey I presently walk on and toward. Rabbi Glaser, I can honestly say that I’m being born again every day.

With tremendous gratitude that grows with every loving moment

In my attempt to heal myself from crohns disease, I turned to alternative methods. A nutritionist helped me with a very healthy diet and way of life. At that time I came across The Possible You Seminar and decided to take it, without knowing what I was in for. It was an eye opener. I never realized how much rejection I had been feeling in my life. I never realized how much it had been a part of me, and how much it was affecting me. Very quickly I grasped the concepts of the seminar and did lots of inner work. I immediately felt so much better. It is an incredible feeling of free-ness that I never knew I was missing. The seminar is set up in such a way that there is constant support from the group and reinforcement to keep going and keep the good feeling lasting forever. A follow-up colonoscopy one year after my diagnosis showed that I was completely healed – contrary to three doctors predictions! To me it all made sense. Rejection is known to manifest itself in a physical way-in the stomach. Once I let go of the beliefs I had about myself, my body was finally free. Thank you Hashem! And Thank you Rabbi Glaser!

.i just wana share myself about the whole experience of the Possible You.
The hug i was able to give tonight for my oldest daughter that is 15 years old was worth a million dollars!!!.this freshness i feel in the air, without all my negative self beliefs me allows me to express and recieve love. It is just so pure , without any guilt or blame from her to me, or me to her.
thank you Hashem for giving me the oppurtunity to join POSSIBLE YOU AND BECOME MY POSSIBLE Me!!! THANK YOU, Rabbi Glaser for your ‘extreme’ patience during this whole seminar.my INB was, that there is no time for me to be taking care of.SO the sequence and the way you did the work by giving SO MUCH TIME TO LET THE WORK INTERGRATE MADE A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE for this little todler inside me. By doing all these exercises so deep and long gave it a real chance to intergrate the new msgs and beliefs.thank u again,and may hashem repay you and bless you with lots of nachas and hatzlucha in your own family and yourself as well.have a nice and restful shabos!

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